Book Excerpts

Dec. 13, 2017  (From page 16)

A growing number of people tell researchers that they are not affiliated with any particular religion. There are many reasons why these “nones” are not affiliating with any particular religion:

  • The more we learn from science, the more we are inclined to challenge the teachings of religion.
  • We see the same immorality, greed, and corruption in religious people and their leaders that we see in others.
  • Traditional religion is but one of many options for those seeking a spiritual life.
  • There is less social and familial pressure to belong to religious institutions than in the past.

God can be known in different ways.

  • For some, it is a journey of experience.
  • For others, it is through meditation.
  • For some, it is in a crisis in which infinity meets finitude and brings order out of chaos and meaning out of non-meaning.