Book Excerpts

April 18, 2018  (From page 43)

Dialog often begins with good questions. When our questions seek mere information, we can expect information. When we seek understanding, however, the mind must come up with responses not likely found in the storage bins of the brain.

As the brain’s neurons move at lightning speeds to make connection with understanding kinds of questions, new synapses are activated, and something new emerges. The mind loves to discover, and the more it is challenged to do that, the more it seeks to continue that energizing process.


In the New Testament of the Bible, we find that Jesus was a great question asker. He was also good at listening to the questions of others. Often when he listened, he would ask deeper-level questions, not because he didn’t have answers to the questions asked him, but because he knew how to use questions to encourage serious thinking and better lives.


Real dialog demands more than talk, discussion, or debate. The deeper the experience we have in dialog, the more we will discover. The deeper the experience we have in discovery, the greater potential we have to find liberating Truth.