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Join us on a new and engaging pathway to spiritual discovery…

You got here. Hang around. Check us out. Why?

  • Maybe you wonder about God
  • Maybe you wonder about you and God
  • Maybe you wonder what the people behind this site have to offer about God

Who are the people behind this site?

  • We are a diverse collection of friends
  • For us, God is real, really big, loves us just as we are and wants us to be connected
  • We have experienced God to be reliable to make or restore that connection and to get us beyond the hard places along that path.
We produced a book for those willing to explore their relationship with God. We think the book offers light for the pathway.

  • This book invites you to a spiritual journey.
  • The give-and-take of the dialog is more like exploration than education.
  • It stimulates reflection about our relationship with God.
  • It explores principles for living connected with God.
  • It invites “graduating” to a team of kindred spirits willing to practice those principles where they live and work.

What readers say about the book:

  • I found (the questions) not only relevant to the book, but to real life situations when I took the time to ponder their meaning in relation to my own life.
  • It was refreshing to engage in positive, healthy discourse regardless of agreement or alignment of belief.
  • The author generates a life-giving conversation between himself and the reader. He leaves questions unanswered so that the reader can discover truth along the journey of faith.
  • Stubbs’ very honest and straightforward book is refreshing as it challenges us to be honest with ourselves and deal with our relationship with God.
  • The book does a good job of priming my mind for more knowledge.
  • I found that myself critically examining my lifestyle choices.
  • I am a “list” person so the 7 principles have appeal to me. They give good direction in a simple way.
  • It is refreshing to become aware of the GOD winks.
  • It encouraged me to examine not just what I know “about” God, but how I “know” God.
  • Your book clearly makes the point that knowing God is liberating, not restrictive or confining. I’m sure that I will read passages from the book again and again, as I expect to gain something important from each rereading.

Seven Principles

Learn about the Seven Principles defined in The Book.

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Book Excerpts

Each Wednesday we’ll post an excerpt from The Book.

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What is Dialog?

Dialog is not just another word for conversation.

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Buy the Book

What’s With You and God is available on Amazon and through this site.

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Professional Endorsements Worth Checking Out

It’s a perilous time for calm, reasonable books–even calm, reasonable books with the potential to bring changes to our world that are anything but calm (read more)

I think everyone should read this book. Its pages, rich in spiritual nourishment– has offerings for those who already know God, those who would like to know God, and those who are unsure whether knowing God even matters.(read more)

In What’s with You and God? Irving Stubbs has written a thought-provoking book in lively, accessible prose that lays out seven principles for exploring one’s relationship to God. (read more)

Amid these times of widespread division in both politics and friendships, Irving Stubbs leads us on a challenging journey beyond your comfort zone to deepen your relationship with God and thereby, with others. (read more)

Want to Join the Network?

If you lead a group of emerging adults on campus or in other organizational contexts, you are invited to check out our path to the Alignment Network described in this PDF. The Network is for those willing to engage in a process that leads to teams of individuals willing to practice their faith in God where they live and work. View this PDF.

PDF – Alignment Network for Organizations

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About Us

Irving Stubbs

Founder of The Alignment Network

Brian Regrut

Executive Director

George Nuckolls

Outreach Support

Our Story

The Alignment Network began in the heart and mind of Irving Stubbs, a retired Presbyterian Minister and International Business Consultant. As Irving watched Americans move away from religious affiliation and faith communities, he became concerned about where people who consider themselves spiritual would find nurture.
Where might the growing number of “nones” and “dones” turn to connect with one another and explore their curiosity about God? How might they grow and learn together with the hope of having a positive impact in the communities in which they live and work?

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The Alignment Network seeks to address these questions by engaging adults in dialog around knowing God. Irving penned a short book, What’s With You and God?, which serves as a tool for shared discovery. His belief that reading, questioning, listening and learning together can ignite a positive force in society led to the creation of the Alignment Network. Dialog participants are invited to join the Network, an internet community, and practice the seven principles for living which are outlined in the book.

The Alignment Network adheres to no religious denomination, doctrine or dogma. It seeks answers to important questions around theology and science, and then apply those answers positively influencing our society. Our hope is that Network members will choose careers, partners and volunteer opportunities influenced by their shared understanding of God, and how many paths lead to that connection.


The Alignment Network is under the direction of TLDM, Inc. (The Living Dialog Ministries), a 501(c)(3) incorporated by the State Corporation Commission of the Commonwealth of Virginia and is a tax-exempt organization. TLDM, Inc. embraces science, theology, psychology and group dynamics in the conviction that connection with God includes all that we are.
We seek to reach adults likely to influence America’s future. Research shows that instant gratification is endemic in our culture and we believe that our project will attract emerging adults willing to invest time and thought into discovery that will reap long term benefits.

Become a Friend
Friends of the Alignment Network believe that its success will make many lives, our societies and our country better. Friends are kept informed on the growth and activity of the Alignment Network through email. Friends are asked to be advocates for the Alignment Network in the communities in which they live and work.

We encourage Friends to suggest organizations and individuals for our team to contact to share about the Alignment Network. Friends are valuable resources to the Alignment Network. Monetary support is not expected but appreciated.

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Become a Partner
Partners play a critically important role in the life of The Alignment Network. In addition to being ambassadors such as Friends are, Partners commit to make one financial gift per year to support the work of The Network. Each Partner chooses the amount and time of their gift. To learn more, contact Brian Regrut at

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