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Book Excerpts

May 23, 2018  (From page 50)

To know God on a deep, personal, and application-rich level is important in ways that cannot be overemphasized. Congratulations if you are there already. But, for most of us, coming to know God profoundly is a work of discovery in progress.


Knowing through discovery involves not only the intellect but the will. It is possible to know a particular truth with certitude, but this is no guarantee that we will act on this truth.


My friend, television personality Spencer Christian, shared these words about his connection with God. He spent hours in self-examination – thinking deeply about what living connected with God meant to him. He concluded: “It literally means everything, because feeling connected with God is what gives my life meaning and purpose.”


Spencer remembers the impact of his family who conveyed to him their love grounded in God’s love that expressed itself in unconditional love. No matter how our lives shape up, Spencer added, God never stops loving us. It was when he came to understand this that he felt that he knew God.