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Carole K. Harris on What’s With You and God?

In What’s with You and God? Irving Stubbs has written a thought-provoking book in lively, accessible prose that lays out seven principles for exploring one’s relationship to God.

A main focus is on listening to one another in dialogue.  Stubbs likes to take leaps, and he introduces stories from many different fields–literature, technology, popular culture, neuroscience; this will appeal to a wide audience of readers, including millennials who may have grown disenchanted with the Christian church.

As a professor of writing and literature, as well as a union activist, I anticipate powerful applications of the seven principles.  Especially Stubbs’s  ideas about servant leadership may be useful at work, in the classroom, and in the streets as part of grassroots organizing for social justice.

Carole K. Harris, Associate Professor of English,New York City College of Technology, City University of New York