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Gordon Dalbey on What’s With You and God?

Amid these times of widespread division in both politics and friendships, Irving Stubbs leads us on a challenging journey beyond your comfort zone to deepen your relationship with God and thereby, with others.

Here’s a timely guide to mutual acceptance and respect via genuine listening and two-way dialog, culminating in the lifestyle of a servant leader. It’s both a word of hope and a call to action sorely needed in today’s contentious culture. The hope is to outgrow the one-way monologs of social media via face-to-face dialog focused not simply on self-expression, but on mutual understanding.

The action is to continue that renewing process via small groups and spiritual growth. Irving Stubbs believes it can happen. You will too when you read his book.

Gordon, Author, Broken by Religion, Healed by God: Restoring the Sacramental,  Evangelical, Pentecostal, Social Justice Church