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Spencer Christian on What’s With You and God?

I think everyone should read this book. Its pages, rich in spiritual nourishment– has offerings for those who already know God, those who would like to know God, and those who are unsure whether knowing God even matters.

You will be inspired to examine not just what you know “about ” God, but how you “know” God. Questions for dialog are posed to encourage serious thinking and self-examination.  For example, your ears may have heard of God, but have your heart and mind gotten to know God?  And how does one get on a path to knowing God?  For many, coming to know God personally and profoundly is an unending journey of discovery.

This book provides principles and guidelines that make this path to discovery clear and inviting.  Easy to read, rewarding to digest – What’s with You and God? – has my strongest endorsement.

Spencer Christian, ABC Television Personality, Author, You Bet Your Life:  How I Survived Jim Crow Racism, Hurricane Chasing, & Gambling  (Available fall 2017)